DON’T stop the presses: I love print

By Clarice Oscher


Growing up, the newspaper was a more popular item to bring home than a loaf of bread for our family of five.

Each morning brought us the most recent edition of Newsday, Long Island’s leading news source. I wondered why we always had the newspaper and why someone would want to read through it day in and day out, like clockwork.

Eventually the mystery was solved for me. My dad, Timothy Oscher, is a pressman for Newsday. He works overnights and prints the newspaper for the following day. That is why we had a complimentary newspaper at girl-reading-newspaper-morguefileour house every day, since before I was born nearly 21 years ago.

I would watch my dad at the dining-room table with his coffee, reading the paper from cover to cover … but I never understood how or why he would do this.

Slowly but surely, I picked up his love for newspaper without even realizing it.

I found myself reading the “Help Wanted” ads even though I was too young to work. This led to the “Cars for Sale” section, where I could dream of what would be my first car. I loved reading highlight stories about the successes of local everyday people and also keeping up with Long Island’s own personal train wreck — Lindsay Lohan.

Having the newspaper in my life since the beginning has sculpted my view and appreciation for print. I love having the hardcopy of anything, whether it’s a book, including expensive textbooks for school, or a syllabus for class or invitations to events.

As much as I love technology and the advances that continue to develop, I will forever be loyal to the print copy of anything. There’s just something about the physical copy that gives meaning to whatever is printed on it.print hearts

Print has long been important in history — from political communication and official legal documents to original copies of books — and will continue to be valued, no matter how far we go into the digital world.


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